COming up next: Men's Retreat

Men's retreat is coming up February 24 and 25. Contact Jerry Roden for more details and to sign up. 

Finding our place in God's Story

Casual seekers ask, "how will God fit into my story?" Believers ask, "how can I fit into His story?" In John 10:10, the Lord tells us, "The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I have come that men might have life in all its fulness." The enemy of our souls tries to get us to worship anything or anyone except God. In this way, he seeks to steal our youth, kill our joy, and destroy our glory. God our Father wants us to live, move, and breathe His grace and mercy, assured of our identity as His sons and daughters, heirs of His glory. When we learn God's story, see who He is, and who we are to Him, we discover the meaning of "life in all its fullness." And the best part is: His story has no end! Click here to learn more

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