First time at Vineyard Church of Knox County?

When you attend a church for the first time, you want to know what to expect before you even walk in the door... that's why you're visiting this website, isn't it? Don't worry, we have the answers to the usual questions for you right here:

What do I wear? (Let's just get this detail out of the way!)

Generally, our attenders dress casually... many in jeans, but you won't be out of place in a pair of nice pants or a casual skirt either.  

What can I expect on Sunday morning? 

Expect a contemporary service style, with elements of other church traditions in the mix. Expect to join with others to worship Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Expect to be greeted and made welcome, whoever you are, wherever you are coming from, whatever you struggle with. Expect to be surrounded by other imperfect people who are desperately seeking more of Jesus, too. 

What is the worship music style?

Our worship team likes to choose music that represents the diversity of our church members. Many of our members grew up attending other denominations, so we throw in the old familiar hymns, along with the newest songs you might hear on the radio or find on YouTube today, and oldies-but-goodies that we just can't get out of our heads. As long as the song truly worships Jesus for who the Bible says He is, it is a song we want to sing!

What is the teaching like?

The teaching brings your attention to the spiritual nature of God's created world, and is sure to be of practical use for you in your everyday life. Pastor Greg is a talented, compelling teacher who reads directly from the Bible, making sure to give the entire context for the verses he teaches  and uses analogy and real-life examples to deliver the gospel message of grace, hope, and purpose. 

Our goal is to read and study every word of  the Bible, in its entirety, one book at a time.  Pastor Greg teaches with an in-depth look at every verse in each book.  You can find past sermons from complete books that we have studied such as Revelation, Genesis, Luke, Acts, Colossians, Galatians, the Psalms, etc.


Check out our Sermon Podcast to hear the latest!

What is a Vineyard Church?

Vineyard USA's website says it best: In the Vineyard, we see Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of God as the overarching and integrating theme of the Scriptures. From our beginnings, the Vineyard has been committed to the proclamation of the kingdom of God, and to bearing witness to the deeds of the kingdom through healing (physical, emotional, and social), doing justice, and delivering those held captive by evil.

What will my kids do during the service?
The kids worship with us during the first portion of the service, which is a time of music and prayer.  Kids are then dismissed to go to Sunday School for the 2nd part of service, and return to participate in ministry time and communion at the end.